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What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner? I’m sure you get asked this questions often or maybe you ask yourself. Well I am here to help answer that question!

Have you ever thought about eating freeze dried foods on a daily basis? It’s easy AND nutritious and with Thrive Life it’s completely possible.
We have many vegetables, fruit and meats like chicken, shredded beef, hamburger and now pulled pork and even better, all the meat is ready to be thrown into your dish after refreshing. No browning, cutting or thawing.

Our newest product is ‘Simple Plate’. This helps with those dreaded 3 words of
‘What’s for Dinner?’ Now it will be easy to answer. Plus with the recipes you can easily duplicate your favorites and stock up on the foods like to prepare over and over..
Another huge plus is the ‘Simple Plate’ is kid friendly with step by step instructions. Get your children in the kitchen helping to prepare dinner. Not only will it help you it will teach them valuable life skills.
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Teach Your Children To Cook with Thrive

My grandson (8) and I decided to make chicken fajitas for the family for dinner. This recipe is from the New Thrive life Southwestern Chicken Pack.

This was so easy. The hardest part was mincing the garlic. I had him measure everything out into a bowl. Then he poured contents of the bowl into frying pan. Then sauteed and cooked it.
He told me it looked good and couldn’t wait to eat it!
Plus, he loved eating the chicken right out of the can before we started cooking and I didn’t have to worry about slicing the chicken!


When finished he gave his meal a thumbs up. All 4 of us each had one, then we even had seconds. It made 8 fajitas! And they were delicious!   

How much do you spend on food each month per person?

How much do you spend for 4 people in one year on food?

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42 Hard White Wheat
36 White Rice
16 Pearled Barley
16 Quick Oats
14 Cornmeal
12 Elbow Macaroni
12 Egg Noodle Pasta
24 Potato Chunks
8 Sweet Corn (FD)
8 Green Beans (FD)
8 Cauliflower (FD)
8 Carrot Dices
4 Chopped Onions (FD)
4 Banana Slices (FD)
4 Blueberries (FD)
4 Peach Slices (FD)
6 Strawberry Slices (FD)
4 Raspberries (FD)
24 Nonfat Powdered Milk
6 Cheese Blend
8 Chocolate Drink Mix
8 Chicken TVP
26 Pinto Beans
12 Black Beans
14 Lentils
8 Bacon TVP
4 Iodized Salt
1 Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon
10 Brown Sugar
2 Baking Powder
6 Shortening Powder
8 Butter Powder
1 Vegetarian Beef Bouillon
10 Cane Sugar
1 THRIVE Cookbook

A Thriving Christmas Gift!

This year, I made a Christmas gift for my 81-year-old mother who sometimes just doesn’t like to cook anything. She tells me that it is just too much trouble to get everything out and make herself something to eat when it is just her. For her, a peanut butter sandwich is enough. So I decided to help her Thrive and made her 10 meals in a jar! Each one is only about 3 servings a piece. All she needs to do is get a pan fill with water and pour contents of jar in. They take about 10 to 15 min cook and then she will have a very healthy meal.

Be sure to check out gwendavies.thrivelife.com/recipes for more awesome recipes!


General Jar Directions: Layer ingredients in a quart-sized jar, shaking the jar will help to add all ingredients. I used an oxygen absorbic packet (will last about 6 months). But if you want longer storage you could seal the jars with a food saver. Make sure your jars are completely dry before you start putting in your dry ingredients. Wide mouth jars are better.

All of the ingredients will fit in the jar. If you are having trouble getting them to fit tap the bottom of the jar lightly on a hard surface until the contents settle.

Taco Soup in a Jar

½ cup of Thrive Life freeze dried Sausage Crumbles

½ cup of Thrive Life freeze dried Ground Beef

¼ cup of Thrive Life freeze dried Chopped Onions

1 cup of Thrive Instant Black Beans (optional)

1/3 cup of Thrive Life freeze dried Corn

3 – 4 Tbsp Thrive Life Mixed Dehydrated Peppers

2 – 3 Tbsp Thrive Life freeze dried Green Chilies

2 – 3 Tbsp. Taco Seasoning Mix (non-Thrive Life)

1 – 2 Tbsp. Cumin (non-Thrive Life)

¼ cup Thrive Life Sour Cream Powder

¼ cup Thrive Life Tomato Powder

¼ cup Thrive Life Cheese Blend

1 Tbsp. Thrive Life Cilantro Seasoning

Put in Jar in order.

Add contents of Jar to about 6 cups of water (depending on how thick you like your soup). Whisk, bring to a boil and simmer for about 15 to 20 min. Serve with crackers or Lemon/Lime tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream.

Spaghetti Sauce in a Jar

½ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Ground Beef   

1 cup Thrive Life Tomato Sauce (not tomato powder)     

2 Tbsp. Thrive Life Italian Seasoning    

2 Tbsp. garlic powder (non-Thrive Life)  

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Sausage Crumbles     

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Zucchini (did not fit in the pint jar)

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Chopped Onions

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Celery

½ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Mushrooms

½ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Tomato Dices

Put in Jar starting in that order.

Boil 5 to 6 cups water, (depending on desired thickness) Add entire contents of jar and whisk until well blended. Simmer for about 10 to 15 min until vegetables and meat are fully re-refreshed Add more water if needed. Serve over cooked spaghetti or any pasta.

Lasagna Soup

Layer in Quart size jar starting with Sausage

¾ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Sausage

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Chopped Onions

3 Tbs Thrive Life dehydrated mixed bell peppers

2 tsp garlic powder

1 Tbs Thrive Life Chicken Bouillon

¼ cup Thrive Life tomato sauce

¼ cup Thrive Life tomato powder

1 tsp Thrive Life Chef’s choice seasoning

2 cups your choice of pasta.

Remove oxygen absorber and pour into 8 cups of boiling water Stir well, add 2 tsp olive oil. Simmer 10 to 12 min until noodles are soft. Top with your choice of shredded cheese. 7 servings

Chicken Noodle Soup

¾ cup Thrive Life freeze dried Chopped Chicken

2 Tbsp Thrive Life Chicken Bouillon

1 tsp Thrive Chef’s Choice Blend

1 tsp Thrive Life Salad Blend

¼ cup Thrive freeze dried Celery

¼ cup Thrive freeze dehydrated Carrots

¼ cup Thrive freeze dried Onions

1 ½ -2 cups Egg Noodles, I used fettuccine noodles

Fill the jar up

Cooking Directions: Add contents of jar to 8 cups of rapidly boiling water: Stir well. Simmer 10 -12 minutes until noodles are soft.


Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup (6 servings)

½ cup Thrive Life freeze dried ground beef

¼ cup Thrive Life freeze dried sausage crumbles

¼ cup Thrive Life tomato powder

1 ½ Tbs Worcestershire powder Optional (I did not use)

1 tsp garlic powder

1 Tbs Thrive Life beef bouillon

1 cup Thrive Life dehydrated mixed peppers

1/3 cup Thrive Life freeze dried onions

¼ cup Thrive Life celery

¼ cup Thrive Life instant brown rice

Boil 8 to 10 cups of water empty jar contents into it. Reduce boil to a simmer and cook (stirring frequently) for 15-20 min. Add more or less water for desired soup thickness.

Recipe: Thrive Chicken Salad

You will need a one quart jar
1 cup Thrive chopped chicken
1/3 cup Thrive chopped (FD) onions
1/3 cup Thrive celery
2/3 cup water
dash of Thrive Chef’s choice blend
1/3 cup your choice of mayo
Pour dry food contents in jar along with 1/2 cup of water. Tumble in jar for 1 min then pour rest of water and a dash of Thrive Chef’s blend seasoning. Tumble for one min longer.
Pour into bowl add 1/3 mayo of your choice and stir. Serve on crackers, bread or croissants or eat as is!