About Me

Hi I am Gwen Davies, an independent consultant with Thrive Life. You may be asking yourself, Why Thrive?

Well for starters their food is AMAZING! Instead of just stocking up for an emergency I use Thrive foods every single day. With Thrive Life I can buy my own groceries and get paid at the same time. What could be better than that? I am able to meet awesome new friends and teach them how easy and delicious our food really is. I am able to go on paid vacations while helping others make their own dreams come true. I have been in MLM’s off and on for several years, but with Thrive Life has really helped boost my confidence. I love being able to help someone learn how to lower their monthly grocery bill and be able to spend more time with their family. The best part about Thrive Life is all the support we receive. Either from other consultants, our up-line and of course especially from Thrive Life itself. Customer Service is amazing and always willing to lend a helping hand. Ask me about joining as a customer or consultant!


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