Back to the Basics

As you sign up for our monthly service The Q start with the basics.

I looked into our buckets of sugar, flour, oatmeal etc. These buckets come in 6 gallons, with a Mylar bag sealed, and a gamma lid attached. Most of all of our food lasts up to 25 to 30 years.

With your $150 a month you could easily stock up on one bucket a month and still have left over to buy items you use every day!

For example:

Cane sugar bucket holds 40lbs of sugar with 4536 servings for only $58.99

Whole white wheat bucket holds 32lbs of wheat flour with 415 servings for only $50.29

White flour bucket holds 36lbs of white flour with 544 servings for only $39.99

Quick Oats (oatmeal) bucket holds 20lbs of oatmeal with 181 servings for only $45.89

White Rice bucket holds 42lbs of white rice with 380 servings for only $46.99

Hard white wheat bucket holds 40lbs of white wheat with 370 servings for only $51.89.

This is a great start for those basics. These buckets can be stacked on top of each other. Providing you stack weight with same weight.